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Saving One Dog will Not Change the World
But for that One Dog
The World will Forever be Changed

Wish List for Inland Valley Humane Society

Sept 2018

This sweet, spayed one-eyed Calico
needs a home.

Please call Michelle's Dog Grooming at 909.398.1778
if you're interested in adopting her.

July 2018

This is Sprout and he needs a home.
One year old neutered male.
Healthy, friendly.

Please call Michelle's Dog Grooming at 909.398.1778
if you're interested in adopting Sprout.

Jan - March 2018

Michele is recently fostered a poodle mom and her six pups -- 2 females and 4 males.
The poodle mom has already been spoken for and pups were returned to shelter.

Please contact Michele
if you're interested in adopting any of the pups.

Nov 2017- Jan 2018

Michele recently fostered Edith
and her three pups. Photo at left is Edith.
GOOD NEWS: All of them have been adopted.

Oct-Nov 2017

6 new puppies -- about 4 1/2 weeks old the week of Oct 1. Appear to be lab/shep mix.
They've been returned to the shelter.

Sept-Nov 2017

Biscotti has been adopted by a wonderful family. Her 3 chihuahua mix pups
have been returned to the shelter.

Aug - Nov 2017

Meet Aspen and her new litter of 6 puppies born on August 14. Aspen's a very good mom. Pups look like they're
a spaniel/spitz mix.
They've been returned to the shelter.

Sept 2017

Michele fostered
"The Wild Bunch" -- 5 puppies.
They returned to shelter on Sept. 19.


July-Sept 2017

Michele fostered these pups and their mom!
Mom has already been adopted
as well as
one of her puppies.
Other pups returned to shelter on Sept. 6.

July-Aug 2017

Michele is fostering this litter of 5 small mixed breed pups. GOOD NEWS UPDATE: All the puppies have been adopted

Meet "Ceecee" - a female Terrier Chihuahua mix
GOOD NEWS! CeeCee has been adopted.

Aug - Sept 2017

12 week old black-and-white male.
Super sweet.
Doing great after having to have part of his tail amputated.
GOOD NEWS UPDATE: Kitten has been adopted.

Aug - Sept 2017

were returned to shelter on August 29.
All the pups have been adopted.

Jan-Aug 2017

Panzon, a 5 year old Chihuahua mix, has been healing from a broken leg. He's super sweet and is now available for adoption.
Pan's 5 years old, crate-trained and neutered,
but, he's not good with cats.
Interested in adopting him?
Please stop by during business hours.
This will be a private adoption. He'll not be taken to the shelter.

Special thanks to everyone who donated to our prize drawing that raised funds for ther Abandoned Animal Medical Fund. (Panzon's surgery was paid for by funds raised here in 2016.)

Prizes included an incredible gift basket (with cooking class) from
Village Kitchen Shoppe, Glendora (valued at $200) -- and a wonderful "Beware of Dog KISSES" wreath (valued at $80). Please buy your tickets by March 1 at Michelle's.

March - May 2017

Brea has found her very own forever home.
She was about 12 weeks old.
Terrier mix who appears to have Schnauzer mix as well.

Private adoption.

March 2017

Are you looking for a 4 year old female Brazilian Mastiff who is spayed, good with children and good with submissive dogs?

Cara may be looking for you!

If interested, please contact Michele.


Jan - Mar 2017

Michele was fostering mom, Claudett,
and her 3 puppies, 2 males and 1 female.

Claudett and one female pup have been adopted.
March 21 - Pups returned to shelter with
likelihood of being adopted very soon.

March 2017

Brodie found his forever home!


Feb-Mar 2017

Michele is currently fostering 4 Shepherd puppies -- about 5 weeks old week of Feb. 17.

All 4 Shepherd pups have been adopted.


Jan-Mar 2017

Michele fostered mom, Vista, and her 7 pups.

Good News Update: All 7 pups have been adopted!


December 2016

Michele recently fostered 3 puppies along with their Spaniel mix mom.

UPDATE: Mama dog, Mike, Ike and their sister Rebel
have all been adopted.

Slideshow photos taken in January 2017


November 2016

Michele fostered 2 female Chihuahua
and Spaniel mix pups who were returned
to shelter on Nov. 30.

GOOD NEWS: Both pups have been

October 2016

Michele has been fostering 5 Chihuahua pups.

They've been returned to shelter.

September 2016

Michele fostered Presley and her 2 male pups. Presley is very dedicated to her puppies.
October 2016 -
GOOD NEWS: Presley and all her pups have found great homes!

August 2016

Michele fostered Berkley and her 5 pups.

GOOD NEWS: Berkeley and all her puppies have been adopted.

July 2016

Michele has been fostering Waverly and her 5 puppies.

UPDATE: Waverly has been adopted.
Her pups returned to shelter on August 17 for adoption. (See photos below.)

May 2016

Michele fostered 6 Terrier mix pups and their mom, Oakley.

GOOD NEWS: Oakley found a great home and pups returned to shelter for adoption.
April 2016
GOOD NEWS May Update:

Michele fostered these 3 Shepherd/Labrador mix pups (pictured here at 5 weeks old)...
2 males and 1 female

They have all found new homes!